Process operator in Food Industry

Posted 4 weeks ago

An operator in the food industry is responsible for operating and maintaining machines and equipment used in the production of food. Below is the profile of such an operator in the food industry.

Competence, skill and experience

  • Knowledge: The operator has knowledge of food safety and hygiene and understands the critical points in the production process that affect the quality and safety of the end product. He or she is familiar with the equipment and machines used in food production and can operate and maintain them. In addition, the operator has insight into production schedules and can communicate effectively with other employees and managers.
  • Skills: The operator has good technical skills and can act quickly and effectively in case of equipment problems. He or she can follow instructions and has an eye for detail when performing quality checks.
  • Responsibilities: The operator is responsible for operating and maintaining machines and equipment, performing quality checks, troubleshooting the equipment and reporting any problems to the supervisor. In addition, the operator is responsible for complying with food safety and hygiene regulations and ensuring a clean and safe working environment.
  • Working hours: The operator usually works in shifts and can therefore be flexible in his or her working hours. He or she must be able to stand and work for long periods in a noisy and sometimes hot environment. Safety clothes and ear protection provided.
  • Education: The operator has often completed an intermediate vocational education in the direction of food technology or mechanical engineering. In addition, he or she may have followed additional courses or training in the field of food safety, hygiene, quality control and machine maintenance or having referable experience within the work field.
  • Personality: The operator is precise, resistant to stress and patient. He or she can handle changes well and is able to switch quickly between different tasks. In addition, the operator is responsible and reliable and takes safety and quality seriously.

What we expect from you

  • Experience as process operator at least 2-3 years
  • Preffered with drivers licence cat B
  • English talking at least B2
  • Must have a bank account

We offer

  • 15-16 euro an hour. Payment every 4 weeks. Advanced payment every week if necessary
  • 36-40 hours guaranteed working a week
  • Central region of the Netherlands

What is arranged for you (for a fee)

  • Accommodation 110 euro per week – room of 2 persons
  • Healthinsurrance 34 euro a week
  • Transport – no costs

For those interested, please send your C.V. or a short resume showing your experience and certificates/qualifications to or you can call or leave a message / Whatsapp at 0031619716489 and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.

Job Features

Job CategoryProduction Factory
Salary€ 15-16,- per hour

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